• Welcome all Night Rider fans !
    Today is the 13th day of the month, and for confirmation that is unlucky number for you and for us we have unpleasant news:
    Last week our drummer Jacek "Stopa" Zieliński had a minor accident, he has broken left arm, a little injury of right and bruised ribs.
    With official news we waiting to this day (we waiting for medical decision) and unfortunately he mus start 6-months treatment and rehabilitation.
    Because of that we are suspending our group activity for a 6 months and we appeal our upcomming gigs, which we planned official announce this week.
    We wish fast recovery for "Stopa", about any news about our activity and treatment progress we will inform you, keep your fingers crossed for Jacek and Night Rider, greatings !
    P.S. And this is our "crock", photo from saterdays event with Kiljan.

  • In February 2015 was a another good change in Night Ridera group. On a bass guitar position appeared Damian Sochar (ex Tipsy Train and ex Mr Hyde).
    More info about Damian in ABOUT US, complete new group photos are in GALLERY.

  • November 3, 2014 is the date on which officially announce that the Night Rider, join the successful search for new musicians.
    The position of guitarist welcome to the ranks of the team Marcin Kuchniak, bass welcome Marek "Mader" Makowski, and keyboarding welcome Marek Sliwka.
    Silhouettes of musicians you can find in ABOUT US .
    Night Rider has already started intensive attempts at full strength, preparing for the concert set and creates a whole new premiere material.
  • In July 2014 with atmosphere of understanding, due to the different musical plans and activities planned solo with the band parted Night Rider keyboardist Pawel "Penx" Penksa.
    Pawel, thank you as a team for these years of playing together, which resulted in two albums with "family" Night Rider: "Widze czuje jestem" and the board of the "Night Rider Symphony" as well as many successful concerts, including the most spectacular - with symphony orchestras in the country and overseas.
    With Pawel stay in touch and we wish him all the best in his musical path.
    There were also changes in the positions of the guitarist and bass guitarist. Night Rider left Kuba Szostak and Jarek Michalski.
    Night Rider also thank you guys for years in the ranks of the team, created music together, CDs, unforgettable concerts.
    Kuba and Jarek wish prosperity and remain in nice relationship.
  • In the Gallery are now available photos from our show in Warsaws "Piwnica pod Harenda" on 30.11.2013. As special guests starring Malgosia Augustynow-Ujek and Waldemar "Valdi" Szoff form our project Night Rider Symphony. It was really hot, and four-songs NRS set met with very warm welcome audience.
    Author: Dominik Malik.
  • In the Gallery you have photos from "Rock Niepodległości" concert. Author Dominik Malik. Thank you for the great pictures.
  • Thank you all for coming on the show promoting a new album.
    In the Galleryr you can see photos from the show by Magda Kaniewska , for which many thanks.
  • In the Gallery we present photos from new record session in TTG Racing Base.
  • With great pleasure we present the cover of the forthcoming album Night Rider.
    Album name has changed, and the final title of the album is "Widze Czuje Jestem".

  • We introducing the official set list upcomming album Night Rider group. The album will be titled "Do konca":
    1. Mój świat
    2. Smak Wolności
    3. Skrzydła
    4. Blisko ty
    5. Casino
    6. Widzę czuję jestem
    7. Wiatr Pustyni
    8. Pamięć jak stary dom
    9. Miejsce
    10. Cofnąć czas
    11. Do końca
    Worthy of note is the fact that the title track from the album "Do konca" - closing the disc was recorded with the accompaniment of symphonic musicians, while in the song "Pamięć jak stary dom" appears in a string quartet.
    Soon there will be in news from the photo session and cover artwork.
  • We are pleased to announce that at 10.07. on our website in the VIDEO section and on YouTube clip promoting the song - "Do konca" is now available. It is from the upcoming album Night Rider, and with the same title (premiere - autumn 2012).
    Clip was created in partnership with TTG Racing.
    Some of the photos for the video was completed during extreme rides TTG Racing Team on a frozen lake Sniardwy. On this occasion Night Rider band thanks to TTG Racing Head Kamil Lazarski for his help in the implementation of the clip.
    Soon in the news will be full setlist Night Rider new album.
  • Photos from the final of "Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy" you can see in gallery.
  • At the turn of September and October 2011, Pawel "Kiljan" Kiljanski Night Rider singer was invited to participate in the project "Independence Year 2011". Therefore, he took part in the recording of the song to promote this action names "Let me tell you my dream" and the clip.
    Groups of musicians called "Poland first to rock".
    The promo clip you can look at this link.
    Live execytion this song will take place at 11.11.2011 at the end of show "Independence Year 2011" in Warsaw - Palladium Club Zlota street .
    Platy there: Lombard, Magnetar, NIGHT RIDER, Sandaless.
    We remind that admission to the event is free, but you must go to www.rockniepodleglosci.pl site and receive free tickets. Przypominamy, iż wstęp na imprezę jest bezpłatny, ale trzeba wcześniej wejść na stronę www.rockniepodleglosci.pl i odebrać sobie bezpłatne wejściówki.
  • Photos from the show in Radio Luxemburg the club in Warsaw you can see in gallery.
  • Our last show in OSKARD Club in Konin, please look for photos in gallery.
  • In VIDEO section and on YouTube portal you can listen demo version of two songs from upcomming album.
  • Our last show in Radio Luxemburg Club in Warsaw, please look for photos in gallery.
  • In the gallery you can check photos from bass recording on new Night Rider release in Janek Kluszewski studio in Warsaw.
  • On 25 to 27th July 2010 in Winicjusz Chróst's studio in Sulejówek Night Rider recorded drum tracks for the band's debut album.
    The atmosphere of the recording was very pleasant. Once again, the invaluable Włodek Kowalczyk whom the band worked with during recording of Night Rider Symphony's album sat behid the mixing table.
    More news from the studio to come soon. Meanwhile, visit our gallery to see some photos from the recording session.
  • The position of Night Rider's guitarist has been taken by Kuba Szostak. Click the "About us" link to find more information about him.
    You'll be able to see Kuba in action during our oncoming show, which we'll perform on 30th May 2010 during Ursynalia 2010.
  • Due to accumulation of activities, tight schedule and a perspective of a solo career, our guitarist Radek Chwieralski has left Night Rider.
    We played our last gig with Radek on the 8th May 2010 in the Crank club. We parted in the atmosphere of friendship and understanding, which can be proven by the fact that Radek will record some of the guitar part on our oncoming album.
    We wish Radek all the best in his future career.
  • New pictures from "Boxing Night" in Gdynia and gig on Plac Zamkowy in Warsaw. Thanx for Magdalena Kaniewska and doctore 16.
  • On the 9th of February, a Professional Boxing Gala took place, with guest appearance by Night Rider. Photos from the event are available in our Gallery. We would like to thank their author Tomek Milewski. There are two short films from the event available for viewing in the Video section; there are also samples of songs written for two fighters - Diablo and Harnas - available for download.
  • New pictures from the gig in Ostrowiec available in the Gallery section.
  • A new interview with the band is available at www.hardrock.eia.pl in the Interviews section.
  • In the early November 2007 Night Rider ended the cooperation with Marcin "Freddie" Mentel. We parted in a friendly atmosphere, full of mutual understanding.
    The decision was based on the differences in our views on music and the direction in which the band is evolving. We wish Freddie all the best in his further music career and would like to thank him for 1.5 yers spent creating music and gigging together.
    We would also like to inform that we welcomed a new band member - Paweł Penksa on keyboards. The current lineup opens the new chapter in the evolvement of the band, together with new sonic possibilities.
    You can read more about Paweł in the About Us section.
  • After several gigs the band starts working intensely on the new album.
    More info will be available soon, in the meantime new pictures from Chełm and Lublin shows are available for viewing now.
  • In our Gallery, you can view photos taken during Night Rider gig in Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw, organized for the benefit of Tomasz Skórka.
  • We would like to express our deepest sympathy with Paweł on the death of his parents.
    Paweł, we are with you in this tragic moment.
    For clear reasons, our nearest show in Skarżysko is cancelled.
  • Pictures from our gigs in Jeżowe and Biała Podlaska (with TSA) are already available for viewing in our Gallery.
  • The band's demo CD is ready. It contains the following songs:

    1. Skrzydla
    2. Nadchodzi Byk
    3. Wiatr Pustyni
    4. Casino

    It will be used for presenting the material to record labels.
  • In our Gallery, you can view pictures taken during Night Rider's gig in Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw. Video samples available soon.
  • Samples of Blisko Ty and Skrzydla are available for download in our Video section (XviD codec required).
  • Photos from the Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy show in Kraśnik available in our Gallery. Big thanks to our photographer Tomek Milewski!
  • We invite you to visit the interia.pl portal, where a new interview with the band is available.
  • We would like to invite you to our new Night Rider Message Board! After registration, you will receive an email containing a link that needs to be clicked in order to activate your account.
  • A gig during the Professional Boxing Gala - Kętrzyn 20.05.2006; a new song - Nadchodzi byk (Here Comes The Bull)

    On the 20th May 2006 in Ketrzyn, during the Professional Boxing Gala, our friend Tomek Bonin defended his heavyweight boxing champion title.
    We met Tomek in September 2005 in Chicago where we played several shows as Hetman. It was then when the idea of playing for Tomek was born. We decided to write a song to accompany him entering the ring during the oncoming World Championship. On the 20th May 2006 in Kętrzyn, already as Night Rider (still as a quartet, with Eddie on the bass), we played a show for the spectators of the gala and performed a song we had written especially for that occassion - Nadchodzi byk (Here Comes The Bull). Tomek won the fight and kept the heavyweight boxing world champion title! We had a great time, and the entire event was transmitted live on Polsat and Polsat Sport TV. Photos from the event are available in our Gallery.
  • Since June 2006, during the band's intensive regearsals, new songs which will be added to our repertoire are being created.
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