Pawel "Kiljan" Kiljanski - vocals

His music career started in 1987 when he sang in Warsaw rock bands Sanktuarium and Jeep.

In 1990, together with Jarosław Hertmanowski, Paweł formed the group Hetman with which he was singing and recording until 2006, with a 5-year break (1996-2000). He sang on 6 Hetman's albums: Do Ciebie gnam (1990), Złe sny (1993), Czarny chleb i czarna kawa (1995), Kolędy (2001), Hetman Live - 15-lecie zespołu (2005) and Skazaniec (2006). Together with Hetman, he was a frequent guest of TV and radio programmes, such as Muzyczna Jedynka or Luz. He also recorded a duet with Kasia Kowalska, one of the leading Polish female singers - Bob Marley's song, No Woman No Cry. Hetman was the opening act for the biggest concert in a history of Polish rock music, inspired by Marek Kotański for the benefit of children infected by the HIV virus - "Let the World Smile to Them". The show was watched live by over 70 000 spectators gathered on the 10th Anniversary Stadium.

Between 1996 and 2000, during a break-up with Hetman, together with Piotr Pruski (Emigranci, Syndia), Kiljan formed the group Katmandu. He recorded an album with the band (unreleased) and played a large number of gigs. In 1998, together with Katmandu, he was awarded The Best Singer award on the Rock-Oko festival in Warsaw. The award was handed to him by Czesław Niemen - the legend of Polish music scene.

In 2000, he joined Hetman again and recorded three more albums with the band. In 2005 he travelled to the USA with Hetman to play several shows during the Taste of Polonia festival in Chicago and to be interviewed by several local radio and TV stations.

In the meantime, Paweł cooperated with other leading musicians from the Polish rock scene, e.g. with members of the band Wilki.

In 2006, following a break-up of Hetman, Kiljan together with Radek Chwieralski and Jacek "Stopa" Zieliński formed the group Night Rider. The band started to play frequent concerts and began preparations to record their debut album. They also recorded a song to accompany Tomasz "Byk" (The Bull) Bonin, a heavyweight boxing champion, in entering the ring. To the sounds of the song played live by the band during the Gala of Professional Boxing in Kętrzyn in may 2006, Bonin won the title of Heavyweight Champion.

In 2007, together with his fellow musicians from Night Rider and a group of classical musicians, Paweł forms the new project – Night Rider Symphony.

My inspirations are a wide variety - from heavy rock (Metallica, David Coverdale, Iron Maiden, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple) through prog-rock (Marillion, Dream Theater) to good pop-rock (Sting, Seal, Simply Red).

Jacek "Stopa" Zieliński - drums

Stopa (The Foot) - this is how Jacek is called by his friends and fellow musicians. He started his music activity in the beginning of the 80s, playing with numerus young bands in Warsaw, e.g. in the Stara Prochownia theatre and Arsus Cultural Centre. In 1985 he qualifies for the Jarocin festival with a Beatris band of wihich he was a co-founder. The cooperation with Beatris (among others, with such bassists as Wojtek Pilichowski and Waldemar Kuleczka) ended after several years. Between 1990 and 1991 Jacek plays with Krzysztof Wałecki and his band Sapo and – for a short period of time - with Oddział Zamknięty.

In 1992, with brothers Wojciech and Waldemar Kuleczka and Krzysztof Wałecki, Jacek founded the band Person. The cooperation results in two CD albums: Czas Miłooeci and Kto Tu Namieszał. Songs from those albums appear frequently on radio and TV, landing on top places of various charts. The group played several important gigs, e.g. on the 10th Anniversary Stadium, during a show organized by the late Marek Kotański for over 70 000 spectators and twice during a Rock on Molo festival in Sopot in '93 and '94.

In late 1994, after a break-up of Person, Jacek suspends his music activity for personal reasons. The break lasts until 1999, when he is invited to join the band Hetman and resumes his activity. He plays with Hetman for the next seven years. During that period, he takes part in recording albums Wszyscy zaczynamy od zera, Skazaniec and Hetman Live - 15-lecie zespołu (15th anniversary live album, recorded and transmitted live inn Radio Dla Ciebie). He plays tens of shows with the band, including two during the Taste of Polonia festival in Chicago, 2005.

In 2006, he leaves Hetman and, together with Paweł "Kiljan" Kiljański and Radek Chwieralski, forms the band Night Rider. Together with the new band, he plays numerous gigs throughout Poland and works on their debut album. Answering to the idea of Ms Wanda Majcher, the Chairman of the Copernicus Foundation in Chicago, concerning playing classical music in rock arrangements, together with Paweł Kiljański and the rest of the members of Night Rider, he forms a new project, named Night Rider Symphony.

Marcin Kuchniak - guitars

From 25 years continously conected with music (electric guitar), as a session musician he participated in music projects starting from a rapcore through trip hp to heavy metal hsitorical projects.

He played on the same stage with: MOTORHEAD, HIM, POD, Bullet for my Vallentine,3 doors down, Skindread, Billy Talent.

Currently, in addition to involvemend in Night Rider, is also a founder and songwriter Frog'n'Dog band, which is a winner of semi-fina of the biggest sudents fetival in Europe URSYNALIA 2012. Is also semi-final ANTYFEST organized by ANTYRADIO radio, headliner of Juvenalia in Warsaw and Koszalin.

He has had concerts with such bands as: Apteka, Brygada Kryzys, Deriglasoff, Luxtorpeda, Chemia, HEJ, Dżem, Happysad, Kreon, Hetman, and laso with musicians of Closterkeller band and Edyta Bartosiewicz.

In december 2013 FROG'n'DOG song "Angel" twice wins germans hit-parade.

His music fascinations are: Pro Pain, Clawfinger, Morcheeba, Portishead, Akira Yamaoka, Tool, Soundgarden, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Ayreon, Green Carnation, Division by Zero, Rhapsody of Fire, Paradise Lost, Nigtwish and variety of styles from which he can get inspiration.

Damian Sochar - bass guitar

Adventure with music began at the age of fourteen. From the beginning, faithful to one instrument.

In 2001, he joined to Tipsy Train group from Lublin which was connected to 2007. In a meantime, in 2003 with Mariusz Migalka create Mr Hyde group, where plays to June 2014.

In the years 2009-2012 plays in Circle Of Heads group.

In January 2015 joined into Night Rider.

Music patterns: Steve Harris, Geezer Butler, Billy Sheehan, Marco Hietala.

Most important inspirations: Deep Purple, Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Queen, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Mr. Big, Blind Guardian, Jorn Lande, Nightwish, Kamelot, Tarot.

Marek Sliwka - keyboards

Marek is a self-taught, with keyboards is connected from an early age. At age fourteen joined the first group playing original reggae music combined with heavy rock guitar sound, thus starting his stage adventure.

In 2007 with Kamil Nowsiad, Bartosz Pyndykowski and Jakub Pszenny founded rock project C7, W 2007 roku wspólnie z Kamilem Nowosiadem, Bartoszem Pydynkowskim i Jakubem Pszennym założył rockowy projekt pod nazwą C7, where for many years took on the expirience in music genres like: Blues, Funk, Hard Rock and also Progressive Rock. In a meantime, he also participated in various musical projects playing Pop-Gospel, Reggae and Rock. He has won many awards for music contests and participated in many recording sessions. In 2009 Marek moved to Warsaw, where he met Marcin Kuchnik and joined to band Offroad.

From 2012 plays in Frog'N'Dog project. He has a lot of concerts in major venues and festivals.

In 2014 joins Night Rider.

His favorite bands: Dream Theater, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Gov't Mule, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple. His music idols: Jordan Ruddes, Danny Louis, Billy Powell, Peter Keys, Jon Lord and others.

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